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The Uniqueness of Bed Bug Dog Detection

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bed bug dog detection 

Dogs that perform unique services have been in the news quite a bit recently.  One of the more notable stories was that of Bear, a police dog that was recently injured in the line of duty while assisting in an arrest.  Bear was greeted by fellow officers and fellow canines when he was released from Manhattan’s Animal Medical Center, and the story was quite heartwarming.  While the dogs at Assured Environments may not help prevent crime by humans, their abilities are certainly enough to consider them unique.  Bed bug dog detection is actually one of the most accurate ways to detect and eliminate bed bugs.

With bed bug dog detection, a highly trained service expert and a specially trained canine will enter into your home and search for any sign of bed bugs.  These dogs have highly sensitive olfactory organs, which means that not only can they detect the presence of bed bugs in your home, but that they can even find the source.  While it may seem hard to believe, using a canine to help detect these bugs in your home can help you save money and help ensure that all of the pests are fully eliminated.

While bed bug dog detection may sound strange, it is highly effective.  Assured Environments is proud to offer this service with the help of some of the most highly trained pest control experts in the business.  If you suspect that you may have bed bugs in your home, it is crucial that you do not wait to schedule an inspection, as they can spread quickly.  Saving both money and property is important, and the sooner you call the pest control team at Assured Environments, the sooner they will be able to detect and eliminate any bed bugs that may be lurking in your home.

Photo creds go to Kirsten Luce for The New York Times

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