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Bed Bug Solutions for Unlucky Travelers

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bed bug solutions from assured environments Summer is here, and that means that vacation time has finally arrived.  Renting houses and hotel rooms increases greatly during the summer months, and this can also mean a major increase in the incidence of bed bugs.  While these pests are certainly gross and can be quite a nuisance, there is much that you can do to check for them and signs of their presence, as well as to get rid of them if you have unknowingly brought them home from your latest journey.

Of course, of all of the bed bug solutions available, the best is prevention.  Checking for bed bugs can be difficult, but there are things you can look for.  Before putting your luggage in a hotel room or rental house, put on a set of rubber gloves and grab a flashlight and old credit card.  You will use these to look for any signs of blood or excrement on the sheets and mattress.  Run the card along the seam of the mattress and look inside the seam for live bugs or excrement from the bugs.  If you see any of these signs, contact management and let them know about the problem so that they can promptly seek proper bed bug solutions.

If it is too late and you believe that you may have brought bed bugs home from vacation, use these same signs to help you detect the bugs.  Tiny flecks of blood on white sheets are almost always a sign of bed bugs.  Assured Environments is capable of providing a bed bug assessment that can help you determine quickly and affordably if you have bed bugs in your home.  Whether you are looking for detection or elimination, they have the professionals and equipment to get the job done right on the first try.  Bed bugs can be a frustrating problem, but Assured Environments has the bed bug solutions you need.

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