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Have You Heard Your Walls Squeaking Lately?

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Restaurants must stay on top of their game to remain pest free.

All buildings groan a little bit, creak occasionally and make normal "settling" noises periodically. But if you're hearing squeaks, cheeps and squeals coming from your facility's walls, it may not be just your building that's settling in--it may rodents settling in to enjoy a cozy, warm winter inside your building!

According to a 2013 National Pest Management Association consumer survey, almost one-third of respondents reported problems with rodent infestations during winter. Half of those infestations occurred in some type of kitchen area, where stove use and the presence of food made it easy for rodents to stay fat and sassy all winter.

When it gets cold outside, rodents won't think twice about abandoning their outside nests and squatting in your facility. In fact, the larger the building, the more likely you'll experience a rodent infestation this winter. All those places to hide and no one looking for them! It's the kind of ideal setting that rodents love and facility managers despise.

Why Proactive Rodent Control is Vital to Your Facility's Good Health

Mice are urinating constantly as a way to mark territories and help them find their way back to nests. Wherever you see mice, you can bet there's urine contamination, in addition to droppings and possibly fleas. Anything "gnawable" may have telltale gnaw marks along its edges, such as food packages and baseboards. If you have a rat infestation, you might also notice "runways" alongside walls, or darkened, greasy paths made by rats scurrying back and forth from nests to food sources all night long.

Don't wait until rodents have turned your building into their winter getaway. Call Assured Environments today and have a complete pest control evaluation performed on your facility. If a rodent problem is discovered, technicians will eradicate the infestation and implement treatments necessary for making your facility as inhospitable as possible to all rodents.

After your facility is cleared of rats, mice or other pests, you can do some things to help prevent those furry squatters from re-entering. Sealing holes and cracks, eliminating clutter in basements and attics, repairing leaks, cleaning clogged drains and making sure all food is properly stored in airtight containers are several ways of putting out the "No Vacancy" sign especially for rodents this winter.

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