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How to Keep Roaches Out of Your Business

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Is there anything as gross as a cockroach? Say what you will about mice and rats; at least they’re kinda cute. Not cockroaches, though. Not only are they dirty, aggressive, and really nasty, they also spread disease, and can ruin office furniture and equipment. Plus, cockroaches have all sorts of creepy attributes they shouldn’t have. Why can cockroaches survive nuclear blasts? That doesn’t make any sense! Why can they survive a week without a head? How does that even work?

Cockroaches are unholy abominations, is what we’re trying to say. For all their weird, supernatural abilities, however, roaches aren’t unstoppable. By following some easy and quick steps, you can make sure roaches can’t make your business their home for the holidays.


roach food.jpg

Eliminate Food Sources

Just like everything else, roaches gotta eat. The buggers might be trying to stay warm over the winter, but they choose where to stay based primarily on food access. If you do everything you can to deprive cockroaches access to easy food sources, your business will be considerably less enticing to roaches and all kinds of other pests.

Don’t leave leftover food out in the kitchen, and make sure your employees don’t leave snacks sitting in their offices. Roaches can chew through wrappers and boxes with relative ease. Consider using tupperware or another kind of plastic container for food that’s particularly tasty for roaches, such as grains and sugars. Roaches are particularly attracted to moisture, especially sugary waters. They’d love nothing more than to finish off that little bit of Pepsi you leave in the bottle when you recycle it. To prevent this, make sure you wash out containers before you throw them away.


cockroach on wall.jpg

Seal Cracks & Crevices

Sorry for the image, but cockroaches can squeeze their way through little cracks or gaps all over your building. All they need is a tiiiiiiny space to squeeze through, and they’re in. Look for cracks and gaps in the walls, floor, and baseboards of your building. Pay especially close attention to thresholds, corners, and unfinished rooms. Seal these gaps tightly using caulk or a similar product.

While you’re at it, look at the weather stripping and any insulation that’s exposed. When weather stripping, insulation, and other protectors wear down, they create gaps. Keep a close eye on any part of your business that connects directly to the outdoors and make sure they’re sealed up tight. If you have outlets that lead to unfinished areas, tools, or utility lines  outside, check the seals around them frequently, too.


cockroach on boxes.jpg

Clean Up and Get Organized!

Eliminating cockroach food sources and convenient living locales doesn’t just mean putting away food when you’re done with it. Keeping any kitchen or break area clean is really important for keeping all kinds of pests, not just roaches, from infiltrating your business. Roaches love to feast on the crumbs and spills left behind by carefree lunches or afternoon snacks.

We hate to nag, but you aren’t out of the woods after a quick dusting or vacuuming either. Roaches aren’t just looking for food, they’re looking for good places to live. When they find a place they like, they release pheromones to let their whole social network know. It’s like a cockroach craigslist ad. Look for any clutter that’s taking up space in your office--boxes, stacks of paper, trash, whatever. Messes like these are basically roach condos, especially if they’re in damp, dark, or out-of-the-way places. Once one roach moves in, more are sure to follow, so organize sooner rather than later.   


cockroach raid.jpg

Raid the Likely Places

There are places in virtually every workplace that are always going to be particularly appealing to roaches. These areas are dark, damp, cramped, inaccessible, out-of-the-way, or damp. Think basements, cabinets and drawers, under or behind furniture and appliances, attics, bathrooms, warehouses--basically anywhere they can hide out and stay warm.

You probably can’t permanently make these places unattractive to cockroaches, so the next best thing is to bring the hammer down. The better the spot is for roaches, the more often (and thoroughly!) that place should be checked. Move the fridge, empty drawers and cabinets, sweep out the basement, and mop up standing water whenever it appears.


hole in wall.jpg

Address Problems and Make Repairs

In case you needed one more reason to deal with that annoying leaking pipe, here it is. Roaches and other pests are attracted to standing water sources more than just about anything. Everything needs water to survive, and moist areas are more livable than humid ones. If your faucet is dripping or any of your businesses’ pipes leak, that water is like a bat signal, but for roaches. A roach signal. Ew. 

These issues count double if your workplace is in an old building. Even if your company isn’t in charge of building upkeep, you should make sure the area you control is up-to-date with all building and plumbing maintenance. Old buildings tend to be full of naturally-occurring structural weaknesses roaches can exploit, but even if you can’t save the whole building you can make sure the buck stops with you.


If you’re really feeling generous (or the problem is that bad!), you could talk to the building supervisor about raising money from other businesses to conduct a professional pest consultation. Assured offers numerous programmed designed specifically for different types of businesses and needs. Contact us today to learn more or schedule an appointment! If you want to learn more about how to keep all kinds of pests out of your workplace this winter, check out our other blog all about it. You should also take a look at the ways you didn’t realize you were attracting pests to your business. Together, we can make sure no unwanted critter ever besmirches your business again.

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