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Modern Pest Management: The Latest Trends

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Pest management and control is just like any other industry: it’s always changing, moving, and growing. Believe it or not, pest control changes quite a bit from year to year. To be truly effective, pest control companies have to keep up with the latest technical, technological, and theoretical trends in the industry.

These are the latest trends making waves in the pest control industry right now. Next time you’re looking for a pest control company, we recommend you look for one with...

...A stronger focus on ecologically friendly methods

The time has come for all companies to consider how their operations affect the environment, pest control companies included. In recent years, the focus of pest control has moved away from one-off, chemically-dependent exterminations. Now, smart pest control companies tend to focus on more holistic, education and exclusion-based methodologies. Not only are these techniques a more environmentally-sustainable means of practicing pest control, they also work better!

Ecologically-friendly methods of pest exclusion like Integrated Pest Management have become the industry standard. Now and in the future, you should look for pest control companies that practice smart, exclusion-based pest management.

...Real-time monitoring solutions

A recent invention from the College of Agricultural Sciences at Pennsylvania State University has interesting implications for the pest management industry. They named their tool PestWatch and dubbed it a "geospatial information system pest database." PestWatch allows farmers to document and cross-reference which varieties of pests are active in their areas at any given time. As more farmers use the database, it will become an increasingly accurate and valuable resource for the agricultural community.

While PestWatch wasn’t designed for pest control specifically, the thinking and technology behind it could be useful for all kinds of industries. For instance, building managers could use something like PestWatch to see which kinds of pests are in-season around them. Then, they could prepare for those pests before they had trouble themselves.

...Customization options for your particular needs

The days of one catch-all “solution” for pest control are over. You can’t permanently stop every unique mouse infestation with cheese and a spring trap. Forward-thinking pest control companies work with their clients to develop customized programs based on their specific needs.

A good pest control company will take any unique considerations you have into account during every step of their control problem. Good pest control isn’t just about eliminating pests anymore; it’s about understanding the client’s business and how to help it.


The bottom line? When it comes to your commercial or industrial pest control, you want a company that’s adaptable and aware of trends. Companies like Assured Environments can help you keep pests out permanently with adaptable, contemporary approaches.

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