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Spring Pest Control Checklist

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Ah, spring! The time of year when flowers bloom, rain falls, and all the troublesome pests that had been hiding come out to play. If you manage a commercial property, springtime is all about preparing for warm weather and the pests that come with it.

We’ve put together a spring pest control checklist filled with our best tips for springtime pest prevention. Following these suggestions will make spring - and all the seasons that follow it - a breeze! Here’s what you have to do:


Remove any standing water you find.

Most pests love standing water. It’s easy to access moisture that is usually found near places they can hide in. Removing standing water around your property (and inside it as well) is a huge step toward springtime pest prevention. With melting snow and rainfall, it can be a challenging job, but trust us when we say it’s worth it.

Look for access points to seal.

Cracks, holes, or crevices are the ways pests get inside. Don’t make it easy for them; find the access points and close ‘em up.

Clean out floor drains.

If your property has floor drains, then something flushed down the floor drains almost certainly left residue behind at some point. Cleaning that residue out deprives pests of an attractive nesting and feeding site.

Do an inspection of your on-site landscaping.

Many professional properties have equally professional landscaping done. Certain varieties of plant are especially loved by various types of pests. If you plan on having some new landscaping done in the springtime, make sure you know what you’re getting into! If you know which pests your plants attract, you can take specific measures to control those pests.

Clean your garbage bins.

Pests enter commercial properties looking for three things: food, water, and shelter. Dirty garbage bins provide pests with all three. Make sure you regularly clean out and scrub down your garbage bins to keep pests from making themselves at home.

Clean the trash chute.

Like bins, most trash chutes provide pests with all the things they love: moisture, darkness, food, and shelter. Getting your trash chute cleaned regularly is important for any commercial property owner.


The best way to keep pests from disturbing your property, no matter the time of year, is partnering with a trusted commercial pest control company - like Assured Environments. That way, no matter what happens, you know someone has your back.


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