It’s easy for retail property managers to overlook the importance of catering to millennial consumers, a group who many assume to be wholly committed to shopping online. But emerging research by top consulting firms suggests that brick and mortar locations are still valuable to this audience. The difference is Millennials place a heightened emphasis on the experience at those locations.

Obviously, individual franchises and outlets play a significant role when it comes to how those experiences play out. However, retail property managers set the very foundation for millennial-friendly practices, and can easily make or break the shopping environment. Here’s how to make your retail property more attractive to millennial shoppers—and the brands whose success hinges on them. 

Prioritize Health and Wellness

Millennial shoppers place a great deal of value on health and wellness. They’re increasingly aware of the potential problems caused by pesticides and other harmful chemicals. Choosing a well vetted, professionally certified company for pest management and similar services helps facilities avoid the potential embarrassment or worse, human tragedy of an investigation and subsequent public outcry over the use of iffy, hazardous chemicals in your facility.

Go Green

The millennial generation is concerned about the environment and more likely to be critical of superficial greenwashing. Invest in making your facility ecofriendly now to stay in favor of these consumers. One easy way to do so without modifying your facility is to work with service providers that boast industry appropriate environmental credentials, such as LEED and Green Shield certifications. Plus, more earth friendly methods tend to be more human friendly too!

Be Discreet and Avoid Digital Disasters

Unlike previous generations, millennials have spent most of their lives using social media. They have unprecedented access to news and reviews in real time, and unprecedented power to share their own images and experiences as they occur. Retailers can’t afford to be caught with even the slightest hint of a pest problem, whether it’s unsightly critters or obvious exterminators. It’s important to stick with a pest management team that you trust to be discreet on-site and off-site, who can help you anticipate potential sources of trouble.

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