Bed bugs have the power to make people break out in chills, rub vigorously at their skin and immediately want to go home to start checking their beds for the tiny little critters. Bed bug infestations have become more common since the 1990s, pretty much since the powerful pesticide DDT was banned. Parts of North America, Australia and Europe have felt the brunt of the resurgence of bed bugs. 

Many people are under the impression that only dirty people and homes with clutter have bed bugs, but the truth is that even a person with the cleanest home can suffer from an invasion of bed bugs. Proper bed bug inspection could include some early detection mechanisms, such as:

K9 Sniffers

It’s impossible to prevent all bugs and pests from entering your home; some are so small you just can’t see them and others – like spiders – are already in there, although a lot of the time you can’t see them. However, you don’t have to leave your home open to all pests as there are a lot of prevention techniques that you can use to protect you and your home.  The best prevention tip, initially, is the K9 bed bug sniffing dogs able to detect any bed bugs easily, leaving the elimination work to the bug sprayers.

Searching Outside

When you’re bug proofing your home, as well as preventing bugs and pests from getting inside you also need to get rid of any pest hideouts within your home; this means looking around your home for evidence of pests and then eliminating any habitat that you find.  Bed bugs seep in through cracks; make sure your foundations are sealed.

Spring Infestations

With spring not far away, all the world is turning green: grass, trees, plants, clovers, party decorations, and yes, even insects! While some green colored insects are common fixtures in certain parts of the world, others are less common and even may seem exotic. One thing is for sure – whether exotic or ordinary, bed bugs are certainly a festive part of spring which means proper bed bug inspection should be adhered to.

Let’s face it – insects are annoying. However, there are several different bugs that take things to another level – bed bugs, of course, reside on the top echelon.