There are few things better than being able to dine outside on a lovely summer day.  Yet for some restaurant owners, constant customer complaints about flies can put a damper on things.  While flies may seem uncontrollable, the truth is that there are aspects of your restaurant that might be breeding them.  Customers don’t want to eat where there are flies and other pests, and regulatory scoring systems take a big bite out of your score if you don’t have proper restaurant fly control.

There are many ways that a restaurant can breed flies, including grease traps.  These traps can not only become blocked and produce odors, but they can provide an ideal breeding ground for flies.  The same can be said for commercial drains, which are also well-suited for breeding.  By hiring a service to properly clean both your grease traps and your drains, you eliminate these breeding grounds while gaining a host of other benefits as well.  A great company can provide these types of restaurant fly control and leave you with drains that operate like new, traps that flow properly, and proper residue disposal to help ensure that everything is as it should be.

Assured Environments offers top quality restaurant fly control throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  Their services can help clean your drains and grease traps, eliminating customer complaints about flies and reducing your chances of low scores and damage to your reputation.  With no flies and proper drainage, your risk of achieving a low score on a health and food safety inspection can decrease dramatically, while the satisfaction of your customers will certainly increase.  If you offer outdoor dining or are worried about flies and other pests inside your restaurant, contact Assured Environments today to inquire about their fly treatment services and what they can do for your restaurant.