Owning a restaurant can be a great way to do what you love and make a comfortable living for yourself and your family. However, owning a restaurant is also a huge responsibility. A restaurant owner is responsible for delivering food safely and efficiently to customers. One thing that can stand in the way of this safety is flying insects.


Restaurant fly control is especially important because flies can carry dangerous pathogens and cause serious health problems. Because new health codes are cracking down on dirty establishments, it is more important than ever to eradicate fly problems in a restaurant.


Flies feed on almost any food item left on a counter or shelf. Flies are especially drawn to the smells of rotting food such as meat, vegetables and fruit. In a restaurant where food scraps are discarded regularly, trash cans and storage containers can attract thousands of flies per day. These flies land on food scraps and lay their eggs. When the eggs hatch, maggots can be seen on the surface of food products. Maggots and flies carry pathogens that can lead to disease in human beings. Eliminating all flying insects from the premises of your restaurant is the only way to guarantee that insect-carried pathogens will not be transmitted to customers.


The presence of flies in a restaurant does more than transfer bacteria, germs and pathogens: it also communicates a negative image to your clientele. Flies are annoying, distracting, and disgusting. When customers dine in a restaurant that is filled with buzzing flies, they associate the insects with disease and filth. A restaurant is supposed to be an establishment that promotes relaxation, conversation, and recreation. Without adequate restaurant fly control, flies can destroy your restaurant’s image and encourage customers to choose another establishment for lunch or dinner.


When you identify a fly control problem in your restaurant, Assured Environments offers a unique variety of solutions that can get your restaurant fly-free. The first step in addressing a fly problem is a thorough inspection of the premises. This inspection will identify the source of the infestation and any sanitation issues that must be fixed to eliminate the fly attraction. After sanitation issues have been addressed, traps, glue boards, and light traps can be installed to remove the current fly infestation. Assured Environments is committed to a “green approach” to restaurant fly control, so no dangerous pesticides or poisonous chemicals will be used in proximity to your restaurant or customers.