Food preparation establishments must have a proper rodent control program in place, not only to meet regulatory requirements, but to prevent contamination and disease brought on by the presence of rodents. By following a few simple tips, a facility can prevent the influx of rodents that cause such havoc.

Tips For Preventing Rodent Populations In Food Preparation Facilities:

  • Declutter: Rodents love tight spaces where they can hide and breed. Removing unwanted or unused equipment from the facility, especially perimeter areas, can helps our team inspect more thoroughly and provide less harbourage to rodents.

  • Proper Waste Disposal: Rodents are attracted to food and scraps. Be sure to properly dispose of all waste and place it in covered containers away from food preparation areas. Always keep packaged foods off the floors and away from walls.

More importantly, make sure your facility is rodent proofed to prevent rodents from entering the premises. Make sure doors are fitted tightly and that pipes and wires are effectively sealed. Rodents will chew through virtually anything to get to food, so eliminating rodent access is the key to proper prevention.

Sanitation is an important concern when it comes to rodent problems. Sanitation is the general cleanliness of a facility and involves staff participation in keeping crumbs cleaned up in common eating areas, as well as properly storing food in a refrigerator or closed space.

Regardless of the type of facility you manage, anything that involves food can put your business and customers at risk for rodent contamination. Consider seeking out a commercial pest management company to eradicate existing or potential rodent problems.