Rodents on Mars? You heard right. But it isn’t exactly as it sounds. According to, an image that was taken by the Mars rover “Curiosity” last fall has been passed around on the internet with some viewers seeing a “cute rodent” on our neighboring planet. Some went as far as claiming there were squirrels that were sent up on the rover as an experiment hidden from the public.

Considering the slim-to-none odds of a squirrel surviving the seven month trip in a mostly carbon-dioxide atmosphere, it’s a little far-fetched, but perhaps not surprising that people have made the connection as these rodents can be a huge problem here on earth. A minor infestation can quickly grow into a major problem with their propensity to multiply like crazy if rodent control is not implemented at the first signs.

Squirrels may look cute and cuddly, but they can cause extensive damage to a home. When seeking to build nests, these rodents chew an opening through siding, the roof, or underneath eaves. They can crawl through an unscreened chimney or vent and start to build their nests. Once inside they continue to chew, destroying insulation, wood and wires, which is a major fire hazard. Prompt rodent control is a must to not only prevent extensive damage and potential financial devastation, but to ensure the safety of your family.

Of course a rat or mice infestation is more common than a squirrel infestation and these rodents breed rapidly, causing all sorts of problems in the home. Both mice and rats can carry serious disease, spreading bacteria and viruses through droppings and urine as well as contaminating and destroying food. 

The destruction they leave behind can be extensive and if the home or property owner does not act quickly, it can also result in financial ruin.

Calling the trusted pest control experts like those you’ll find at Assured Environments for immediate rodent control at the very first signs of an issue is the best option for eliminating the financial and health risks to you and your family.