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3 Important Things to Know About a Bed Bug Inspection

Bed bugs are not only a huge annoyance that can cause a horrible odor, unsightly red welts and constant itching – they are a massive challenge when it comes to getting rid of them due to their elusiveness. One of the first steps to effectively kill these frustrating creatures is by calling in a…

bed bugs   bed bug removal   bed bug exterminator   bed bug inspection

Bed Bug Exterminator Scams: Don’t be a Victim

There is little doubt that bed bug infestations are a growing problem and even somewhat of a national obsession with the thought of those little creepy crawlies enough to make anyone squirm. Over just the last few years the bed bug population has reportedly jumped by an incredible 500 percent and…

bed bugs   get rid of bed bugs   bed bug removal   bed bug exterminator

Why Bed Bug Dog Detection is the Best Method to Eliminate Pesky Creatures

Dogs have been used to help with many jobs; police detection work including locating drugs or bombs, leading the way for a blind person, acting as the ears for a deaf person, herding livestock and a long list of other duties. It’s probably not a big surprise to find they can also be very helpful…

bed bugs   get rid of bed bugs   bed bug removal   bed bug dog detection

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