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"Group" Therapy for Bedbugs?

The more the merrier... Who hasn't heard or used this proverb at least a hundred times in their life? Although we can't attribute this saying to anyone in particular (many think Shakespeare wrote it--he didn't), whoever woke up in the middle of the night and exclaimed, "the more the merrier"! had…

bed bugs   Assured Environments

4 Winter Pest Infestations That Can Lead to Spring Blues

No matter the time of year, pest infestations are a bummer. However, they're the biggest bummer during the transition between winter and spring. When you want nothing more than warmth and relaxation, a bunch of bugs are not welcome guests. Avoid the spring blues this year by staying ahead of…

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Assured Environments Attends the 2015 NPMA Eastern Regional Conference

This week, over January 14 and 15, members of Assured Environments pest control experts including, Mr. Andrew Klein, President of Assured Environments, attended the the 2015 National Pest Management Association, Eastern Regional Conference in Newport, RI. The annual conference attracts managers…

bed bugs   Assured Environments

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