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Keeping Bed Bugs Out of Educational Facilities

Unfortunately, bed bugs have a never ending, one-sided love affair with humans. They especially love places where lots of people interact or live together, like schools, dorms, preschools and auditoriums. With thousands of great places in which to hide, buildings like these present bed bugs with a…

bed bugs   Assured Environments

Be Wary of Exterminators Using Banned Pesticides

Be careful when choosing an exterminator to get rid of bed bugs. They might be using pesticide banned by the EPA. That's what happened to a Vermont couple when they discovered bedbugs infesting their home and hired what they thought was a reputable pest control company. Now, their residence is…

bed bugs   Assured Environments

Keeping Nursing Homes Safe from Pests

Operating a nursing home or assisted living facility is a demanding 24/7 job that requires the manager to stay active, vigilant and compassionate at all times. To remain viable in an industry complicated by strict federal and state regulations, nursing homes and their managers must strive to achieve…

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