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Benefits of Bed Bug Mattress Covers

  New York City has had to deal with an epidemic of bed bugs in recent years, causing residents to take extra precautions. While the nasty pests do not carry disease, the small parasitic insects feed on human blood and leave terrible red, itchy welts on its victims. They are extremely hard to get…

bed bugs

Bed Bugs Spread Quickly: Why It’s So Important to Call in Bed Bug Control NYC

  A bed bug infestation is known to be one of the nastiest types of infestations there are, and the insects don’t play favorites. While many people associate them with uncleanliness, the truth is they’ve even been found in some of the most luxurious hotels. The dorms at Princeton University…

bed bugs

Back-to-School Time Means NYC Exterminators are Busy with Bed Bugs

  As summer winds down and kids, both grade school and college-age, head back to school, many in New York City are concerned about the growing population of bed bugs spreading on campuses and beyond. Any place where a great number of residents are concentrated, such as a hotel or college dorm, can…

bed bugs

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