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The Best Pest Halloween Costumes

Looking to snag some alone time this Halloween? Consider this your full-sized, Snickers bar of a treat.    

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Why Canines Can Detect What You Can’t: Using Canines For Bed Bug Treatment

Dogs' noses have evolved to sniff out the most indiscernible smells and obtain amazingly accurate information from them. It's a scientific fact that dogs were born to sniff. But how do they do it? A Dog's Nose Knows Human and canine noses share one similarity -- scroll-shaped plates made of…

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What Causes Bed Bugs and How to Get Rid of Them

Much like young children, for bed bugs a favorite pastime is playing a good ol' game of hide & seek. But unlike children who love to play with their siblings or friends, for bed bugs their usual partner are the humans  they're trying to hide from.  You can find bed bugs anywhere there are humans…

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