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The Worst Pests to Have in Your Business

From transmitting disease, to destroying merchandise, to eating the products, these pests will do it all. Here are four customers you absolutely never want to patronize your business!

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Bird Control: A Regional Guide to New Jersey Bird Pests

According to the New Jersey Chapter of the National Wildlife Control Associates, pigeons, starlings and house sparrows are New Jersey's primary bird pests. They cause millions of dollars in building damage each year due to nesting habits, acidic droppings and generally destructive behavior. If an…

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Bird Infestations Can Lead to Lice

Bird lice don't deserve the criticism they get for being "dirty". That's right. Blink twice and read it again. Bird lice are not dirty insects. In fact, bird lice--or any other type of lice for that matter--do not eat grime, dirt or bacteria. What they devote their lives to is finding infinite…

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