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The Impact of Bird Influxes on Commercial Properties

A flock of birds may seem like a tranquil sight when you are at the park with breadcrumbs in hand, but when that flock of birds begins to roost on your buildings, you have a potentially expensive problems. Birds in nature are a wonderful things, but birds on your building can cause serious…

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Bird Management Benefits Japanese Owl Cafe

owl cafe in japan not utilizing bird management

image cred - timemanagementninja.com

Birds and food establishments are a bad combination. Restaurants that ignore proper bird management are susceptible to numerous serious issues including disease from droppings and nesting materials, serious damage to structures and equipment, the risk of injury to customers and employees due to…

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Humane Methods of Bird Control Can Help Prevent Damage and Disease

 A courthouse in Eastern Tennessee has turned to an environmentally-friendly form of bird management with a sound system in its effort to eradicate a problem with birds. Pigeons are said to have contributed to the structural damage of the 100-year-old building. The birds have also clogged its aging…

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