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Defending Your Chimney From Unwelcome Guests

This Holiday season, there’s only one guest that should be shimmying down your chimney, and that guest doesn’t have feathers, leathery wings, or a chitinous exoskeleton... that we know of.

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Why Delaying Chute Cleaning Can Be Dangerous for Your Facility

Maria had visited her family doctor once in the past 10 years. She was generally healthy and had no major health issues. Two months after moving into a new apartment building she couldn't understand why she was suddenly suffering symptoms of an upper respiratory infection that continued affecting…

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Preventing Spiders from Becoming Permanent Residents

pest control nyc service like those offered by assured environments can help you eliminate pests like spiders

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Many people have an aversion to spiders. While seeing one or two occasionally isn’t normally a big issue, a small number of them can quickly become a big problem, creating unsightly spider webs throughout a home or apartment. For those who are already experiencing major issues with spiders, the…

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