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Get the Scoop on Dirty Chutes Before It's Too Late

If you own an apartment building, hospital or other large-scale establishment containing trash or laundry chutes, your building is vulnerable to suffering "respiratory" problems just like people. Imagine if you were constantly forced to inhale grimy, greasy particulates and choking dust without ever…

chute cleaning   assured environments   dirty trash chute

Just How Dangerous is The Itsy-Bitsy Spider?

Spiders love fruit so it's no wonder they are attracted to the Big Apple! But did you know that many harmless looking spiders living in a dirty trash chute or in remote corners of your company building harbor poison that they inject into your bloodstream when they bite? Wolf Spiders Fast-moving and…

chute cleaning   pest control nyc   assured environments   trash chute cleaning   NYC pest control   dirty trash chute

Why Delaying Chute Cleaning Can Be Dangerous for Your Facility

Maria had visited her family doctor once in the past 10 years. She was generally healthy and had no major health issues. Two months after moving into a new apartment building she couldn't understand why she was suddenly suffering symptoms of an upper respiratory infection that continued affecting…

chute cleaning   chute cleaning services   assured environments   New Jersey Trash Chute Cleaning

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