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Spontaneous Combustion in Trash Chutes? It Can Happen!

A neglected, dirty trash chute presents a serious fire hazard due to interior accumulations of grime, sludge and grease. When building owners fail to maintain a clean, properly functioning trash chute, the risk of fire can be further heightened by broken or sticking chute doors, clogged vents and…

assured environments   New Jersey Trash Chute Cleaning   trash chute cleaning   dirty trash chute

Get the Scoop on Dirty Chutes Before It's Too Late

If you own an apartment building, hospital or other large-scale establishment containing trash or laundry chutes, your building is vulnerable to suffering "respiratory" problems just like people. Imagine if you were constantly forced to inhale grimy, greasy particulates and choking dust without ever…

chute cleaning   assured environments   dirty trash chute

Why Healthcare Facilities Suffer Cockroach Infestations

What do you think of when you imagine filthy, food-encrusted counters, what looks like black pepper laying all over everything and sticky floors crawling with greasy-looking, dirt-brown insects? Roaches, of course! Probably one of the most despised insects on earth, the cockroach may also be the…

assured environments   NYC pest control   dirty trash chute

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