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Winter Pests: What YOU Need To Know

Make sure you aren't welcoming pests in from the cold.

Homeowners are often baffled when they make it through the entire summer without a single pest incident but find themselves practically overrun by insects and rodents once the cold weather hits. What’s behind this phenomenon? Simply put, pests and rodents dislike the cold just as much as humans do…

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Preparing for Winter and Potential Pest Problems

The idea that pests and insects die off in the winter is a common misconception. Sure they slow down, but they certainly don’t disappear. The insides of  walls and attics in warm, cozy buildings make a great place for pests to feed, grow and reproduce during the long, cold winter months. Pests…

mice   rodents

Rodents and Food Prep: A Crash Course on Rodent Problems

Food preparation establishments must have a proper rodent control program in place, not only to meet regulatory requirements, but to prevent contamination and disease brought on by the presence of rodents. By following a few simple tips, a facility can prevent the influx of rodents that cause such…

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