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Christmas Tree Critters

To tree or not to tree? That’s a question many would-be Christmas tree buyers may be pondering this season, in the wake of provocative headlines like “Christmas trees are CRAWLING with insects” and “Warm winter could mean unwanted insects in Christmas trees.”   Here’s the bottom line:…

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Why Pest Management is Smart PR For Facilities

Pest management is essential to maintaining health and safety standards in a facility. In the digital age, it’s also an increasingly important strategy from a PR and branding perspective. Word of a pest sighting spreads fast. There are entire websites dedicated to collecting and sharing…

pest management   pest control   pests

5 Mistakes Facility Managers Make When Addressing a Pest Problem

Probably the biggest issue facility managers face is knowing when to call a pest control company. Glimpsing one or two insects or a pair of mice scurrying away into the darkness doesn't mean you've just seen the only two pests squatting in your building. Even facility managers who hold the most…

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