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5 Mistakes Facility Managers Make When Addressing a Pest Problem

Probably the biggest issue facility managers face is knowing when to call a pest control company. Glimpsing one or two insects or a pair of mice scurrying away into the darkness doesn't mean you've just seen the only two pests squatting in your building. Even facility managers who hold the most…

pest control   assured environments

Tips for Facility Managers: How To Manage Waste Properly

Storing, managing and disposing of waste according to strict health department regulations is one of a facility manager's most important functions as chief operator of an industrial or commercial establishment. If waste is not managed properly, contamination of the facility might occur or…

pest control   assured environments   trash chute cleaning

Are Facility Green Cleaning Practices Worth It?

  Why should facility managers consider practicing green cleaning methods over traditional cleaning methods? Here are 10 good reasons why: 1. Green cleaning products are made of biodegradable ingredients that pose no threat to the environment or human health. 2. Using green cleaning products…

pest control   assured environments

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