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The Impact of Bird Influxes on Commercial Properties

A flock of birds may seem like a tranquil sight when you are at the park with breadcrumbs in hand, but when that flock of birds begins to roost on your buildings, you have a potentially expensive problems. Birds in nature are a wonderful things, but birds on your building can cause serious…

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Bed Bug Canine Teams in Commercial Accounts May Require Special Skills

Performing a bed bug canine inspection in many commercial settings can be quite different than inspecting homes and apartments. Commercial accounts also present unique challenges for which some dog/handler teams are not prepared. Some of these commercial settings include schools, hospitals, movie…

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Help with Yellow Jacket Extermination

There comes a time when insects around the house go from being a simple nuisance to an outright safety risk. One specific time is when your property becomes overrun by yellow jacket bees. Exterminating the area around your house is important but it also involves preventative measures to ensure the…

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