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A New Kind of Pest Problem in Florida

When you think of dangerous species that you are likely to find in Florida, you probably conjure up images of alligators and crocodiles sneaking up out of a swamp to grab a tasty snack. However, officials in Florida are dealing with another kind of pest that is causing extensive property damage…

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Summer Pest Extermination Can Be Crucial

With summer comes many exciting things, like vacations, extra time in the sun, swimming, and more.  Unfortunately, the season also brings along with it a number of pests.  From hornets to termites, ‘tis the season for many unwelcome houseguests of the insect variety.  Many of these pests can…

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The Importance of Pest Extermination as the Weather Warms

Summer will be here soon, and as temperatures soar and the humidity rises, it brings an abundance of pesky critters including pests like mosquitos, bees, termites and other bugs. These insects thrive in a warm, moist environment and become more active, reproducing like crazy and searching for food…

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