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Rodents and Food Prep: A Crash Course on Rodent Problems

Food preparation establishments must have a proper rodent control program in place, not only to meet regulatory requirements, but to prevent contamination and disease brought on by the presence of rodents. By following a few simple tips, a facility can prevent the influx of rodents that cause such…

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The Rodent Problem is Real In NYC Schools

In 2013, NYC's Newtown High School in Elmhurst suffered high numbers of health violations for having mice and roaches in the cafeteria--the highest number of violations out of all NY public schools, in fact. Inspectors found over 100 mice droppings during one investigation while noting that Newton…

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New Research from the New York Times Covers Rats and the Food-Borne Pathogens they Carry

Excerpt form the New York Times published on Oct, 14, 2014, 'Rats and Their Alarming Bugs'. If the past few years have taught us anything, it’s that our well-being is intimately linked to the health of animals. The current Ebola epidemic probably got its start when someone came into contact with…


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