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6 Ways to Make Your Store Less Vulnerable to Pests

Keep your retail store safe from pests with these expert exclusion tips from the pros.

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Why Restaurant Fly Control is a Must for a Successful Dining Establishment

  In Brownsville, Texas a restaurant owner was one of only a few to admit to health inspectors that mistakes had been made. He owned up to the errors, including a fly problem, after photos taken by the health inspector revealed a fly sitting on raw bacon. The owner said there was a screen that was…

restaurant fly control   restaurant pest control

DIY At-Home Fruit Fly Eradication

  Those annoying black specks that buzz around your face every time you try to take a bite of that juicy apple or a sip of tasty wine, known as fruit flies, are especially bothersome in the summertime. It seems they appear out of nowhere and then suddenly there are hundreds as they’re practically…

restaurant fly control   restaurant pest control

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