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It's a Winter Wonderland for Termites!

Termites are major wood-destroying structural pests that cause billions of dollars in damage each year to restaurants, hospitals, food manufacturing facilities, schools and hotels.Termites can establish colonies containing as many as two million workers and are infamous for remaining undetected…

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Home Pest Control - Video

Here are some reasons why you should be proactive when approaching pest control for your home or business. One of our spokeswomen goes on to discuss some reasons why you should be cautious of when you see a pest in your home.


Summer Pest Extermination Can Be Crucial

With summer comes many exciting things, like vacations, extra time in the sun, swimming, and more.  Unfortunately, the season also brings along with it a number of pests.  From hornets to termites, ‘tis the season for many unwelcome houseguests of the insect variety.  Many of these pests can…


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