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Tips for Facility Managers: How To Manage Waste Properly

Storing, managing and disposing of waste according to strict health department regulations is one of a facility manager's most important functions as chief operator of an industrial or commercial establishment. If waste is not managed properly, contamination of the facility might occur or…

pest control   assured environments   trash chute cleaning

Spontaneous Combustion in Trash Chutes? It Can Happen!

A neglected, dirty trash chute presents a serious fire hazard due to interior accumulations of grime, sludge and grease. When building owners fail to maintain a clean, properly functioning trash chute, the risk of fire can be further heightened by broken or sticking chute doors, clogged vents and…

assured environments   New Jersey Trash Chute Cleaning   trash chute cleaning   dirty trash chute

Just How Dangerous is The Itsy-Bitsy Spider?

Spiders love fruit so it's no wonder they are attracted to the Big Apple! But did you know that many harmless looking spiders living in a dirty trash chute or in remote corners of your company building harbor poison that they inject into your bloodstream when they bite? Wolf Spiders Fast-moving and…

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