Looking to snag some alone time this Halloween? Consider this your full-sized, Snickers bar of a treat.

Adult Cockroach Costume, HalloweenCostumes.com

Image and Costume Source

The lone, anonymous reviewer of this costume insists that, “It made me the center of attention at every party I went to. All heads turned when I walked into a room and I enjoyed watching everyone’s expression. Random women would ask if they could have their picture taking with me.”

Stinky Sewer Rat Boy, Chasing Fireflies

Image and Costume Source

Source: https://www.chasing-fireflies.com/

We live in a world of boundless possibilities, should one desire to purchase an adult-sized rat costume. But our pick for this species has to go to this pint-sized design, even if the description reads a bit like an insult: “This fellow hangs out in garbage cans and dank sewers, eats leftover table scraps, and gives people the willies. Could be right up your son’s alley, eh?”


UPDATE: Sadly, this item is not longer available from chasing-fireflies.com–and the remaining rat costumes offered by this retailer are actually super cute!

Pigeon Head Mask, Awesome Inventions

Image and Costume Source

What’s eeriest about this situation is how, at first glance, it looks almost natural. Like, pea coat, knitted scarf, pigeon, things you see everyday on the street, right? Wrong. All wrong. Or maybe alright? He does look quite dapper and urbane, don’t you think? (happily, things are a little more black and white when talking about real pigeons, who can cause big problems for businesses and homeowners).

Bed Bug Costume

We aren’t even going to dignify this one with an outfit. One writer–and one-time half of a bed bug couples costume–recalls that:

“We didn’t even think we had the insensitive costume, but we did. And we learned that, apparently, bed bugs cause PTSD”