A flock of birds may seem like a tranquil sight when you are at the park with breadcrumbs in hand, but when that flock of birds begins to roost on your buildings, you have a potentially expensive problems. Birds in nature are a wonderful things, but birds on your building can cause serious damage.

Most property owners are concerned primarily with the damage that birds can cause to their properties. The University of Nebraska reminds building owners that the high acid content of bird droppings makes them incredibly corrosive, and this means those droppings must be cleaned up regularly to prevent corrosion on your buildings, walkways, roofs and windows. This increases your cleaning costs as well as the risk of damage to your property. It can also create ongoing maintenance costs, as the droppings eat away at paint, which needs to be repaired. If droppings are left on metal, they will eventually corrode that metal, leading to damage to the structure.

Increased maintenance costs and the potential for damage to your property are serious enough, but pest birds pose an additional risk to your customers and employees. For example, bird droppings can make stairways slick, which can create unsafe conditions for workers and customers. Birds also can carry over 60 diseases, so their droppings, feathers and even the birds themselves put anyone who comes to your property at risk.

In addition, you could face increased costs from product loss if birds enter your building and damage your products. Birds can also bring other parasites and insect pests, which are attracted to their droppings or are carried in on their feathers.

As you can see, that flock of pigeons who has settled on your roof is not something you want to ignore. For a proven plan that will work without harming the birds, trust the team at Assured Environments.