Whether you own or manage a commercial building, a pest management strategy is necessary in just about any location across the nation. With so many different types of pests that can invade a commercial space, including everything from bedbugs and cockroaches to rodents and even birds, it’s crucial to invest in commercial pest management protection to avoid potential damage to a building and the reputation of the organization as well as the safety and health of the people within.

Stubborn pests

Almost any type of pest is associated with dirty, unsanitary conditions. Cockroaches are one of the biggest culprits, and if even one is seen it can be damaging to your brand and can also cause health problems due to spreading dangerous bacteria such as Salmonella and even cause allergies and asthma.  Unfortunately, cockroaches are very difficult to totally eliminate without the right expertise.

Bed bugs are also a growing problem and very hard to get rid of – making working with the right commercial pest management company especially important. Experts understand how to permanently eliminate bed bugs, cockroaches and other pests that just don’t seem to ever go away and can cause a serious liability for the establishment.

Emergency situations

 If you have a relationship already established with a commercial pest management company, when an emergency arises it can be dealt with immediately and efficiently so that there is no worry about the reputation of the business. Pest emergencies happen frequently with weather or seasonal changes or by visitors who’ve inadvertently brought them into an establishment.

Periodic inspections

 By working with a commercial pest management firm, regular inspections can be scheduled to ensure that there are no pests hiding in the walls, floorboards or any other nook and cranny they happen to hide in – before customers or guests spot them. Experts understand where to look and how to resolve the problem before it gets out of hand. 

Pest prevention

Working with a reputable company such as Assured Environments can go a long way in ensuring that your facility not only receives the maximum level of protection against the most common structure infesting pests, but experts can also design a customized plan that will help the facility remains free of invaders like cockroaches, rats, mice  and common ants. Prevention is the best way to eliminate these issues and can save not only time and money, but a business’ reputation.