Just like any other modern industry, commercial pest prevention is a dynamic and ever-changing landscape. New trends, technologies, and customer service approaches are always emerging. If you’re a business owner looking to hire a pest control company, it’s a good idea to know what the latest trends are. It allows you to make sure any company you partner with is providing the latest and greatest services. Better service means faster turnarounds and less downtime for your business or property. Everybody wins (except the pests).

These are the latest trends in commercial pest prevention:

A bigger focus on customer engagement.

This trend is something that is changing for all businesses, including pest control. The technological landscape has allowed for people to be able to interact with brands more directly and frequently. Through social media, email, and text, we’re all connected 24/7.

Commercial pest control providers are attempting to better serve the customer’s engagement needs using this connection. Companies are offering multiple avenues of communication, personally responding to reviews, and making themselves more immediately available. 

More calls than ever thanks to record rainfall in New York.

The last three months in New York have seen almost twice as much rainfall each month as seen in 2018. If you look beyond the state, you’ll find this trend stretching nationwide. According to NOAA, almost two-thirds of the United States have received above-average rainfall over the last year.

More rainfall means more pest problems. Moisture is a huge motivator for a wide variety of pests, from mosquitoes to roaches. Pests go where they can stay hydrated, sheltered, and fed. Now is an important time for business owners to make sure their preventative measures are up to date. 

More spotted lanternfly sightings.

The spotted lanternfly is an invasive species from China that’s gradually made its way to the northeast US. They’re fairly new and invasive, which makes them a huge problem, especially for food manufacturers.

Spotted lanternflies are particularly skilled at infiltrating and infesting food storage. Familiarize yourself with signs of the spotted lanternfly so you can contact the pros if you notice any.

Smart pest monitoring and trap technology.

You’ve no doubt heard of Amazon’s Alexa. The smart virtual assistant that can interact with your home in a variety of ways. She can turn off lights, give weather reports, and more. This sort of interconnected technology isn’t limited to your home, however. Advancements of this sort are making their way to the pest prevention space as well. 

For example, there are modern rat traps that use sensors and Bluetooth to alert technicians when they’ve captured something. Some of these traps even give information on the nearby comings and goings of pest infestations. This sort of improved information gathering and sharing tech allows for more robust integrated pest management programs.

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