The Most Dangerous Pests in New York

Bats, ticks, rats, oh my! New York has its fair share of pests. The state is known for its bustling crowds and sky-high buildings in the Big Apple, but what about the dangerous pests that roam the streets, walk the land, and fly through the air? 

From the big city to the suburbs to the beaches on the south shore, New York is full of topographical variety. With over 8 million people living in the state, the population is just as diverse as the land itself… and unfortunately, so are the pests. Some of them, you should really watch out for. These are some of the most dangerous pests in New York: 

What are the most dangerous pests in New York? 

  • Bats. Bats help control the insect population in New York, so they are important to the ecosystem. But even though they can be beneficial, their saliva and feces can contain rabies. So, it’s extremely dangerous to have them nesting inside your building. If you have a bat infestation in your building, it’s important to deal with it right away by calling a professional pest control company.
  • Ticks. In recent years, deer ticks have spread in Upstate New York. This has led to an increase in Lyme Disease. Deer ticks can also transmit diseases called Anaplasmosis, Babeiosis, and Powasson. 
  • Rats. If rats have infested your building, you have a serious problem. Rats are known for being carriers of disease. It’s important to seal holes on your buildings where rats could sneak in. Another way to prevent rats in your space is to remove potential nesting sites from your property, like leaf piles and mulch. 
  • Yellow Sac Spiders. There have been some Black Widow and Brown Recluse Spider sightings in New York… but neither are native to the state. The Yellow Sac Spider is much more common. These spiders are dangerous because of their bite. A Yellow Sac Spider bite is usually painful and can cause cramping and nausea. A painful, itchy open sore usually develops, as well. 
  • Raccoon. If a raccoon is defending their young, they can become quite aggressive. Plus, there are many areas of  the state where they are known for carrying rabies. See a raccoon looking sickly or acting strangely? Stay clear. Call animal control right away. 
  • Mosquitos. Ah yes, we all know this one too well. Sure, mosquitos are annoying, but they can also be dangerous. They have the ability to transmit the West Nile and Zika viruses to humans.
  • Skunks. These pests are known to get into your garbage or any type of food left outside. Along with being annoying and messy, these are also common carriers of rabies. Then there’s that smelly spray that can be sprayed up to 20 feet… Yuck! 

How to keep your New York building pest-free

Whatever kind of building you own or manage, it’s crucial to keep the pests out. Sometimes, it’s even the law: landlords are required to keep their space free of rodents or vermin. Here are some things you can do to keep out unwanted guests: 

  • Cover cracks and holes. Caulk and seal any open spaces that don’t belong in the structure. 
  • Empty the garbage. Ensure that the trash is being taken out regularly. 
  • Keep the outdoors clean. If you have outdoor space with your building, keep it clear of trash and clutter. 
  • Talk to the professionals. Have your building inspected by a professional. Whether you suspect an infestation or you just want to ensure your space is pest-free, it’s always a good idea to have the experts take a look. 

If you have a pest infestation, especially if it’s a dangerous species, get in touch with the expert team at Assured Environments. We’re here to keep your building safe and pest-free!