The beautiful spring weather is here. This time of year, people enjoy dining on the outdoor patios or decks that some eateries offer.  Unfortunately, this often means there can be a huge problem with flies. What can restaurants do to exterminate those flies for effective restaurant fly management to make the customer’s experience more enjoyable?

A fly infestation is always a serious matter for any business that handles food. Flies can bring and spread disease as well as contaminate food. They can carry over 100 pathogens and transmit bacteria like E. coli and salmonella. When a dining patron sees flies around the establishment, it often leaves them with a negative impression.

Consider these tips for successful restaurant fly management:

  • Be sure to cover all trash cans inside the facility and throughout the property with tightly sealed lids to restrict food odor from escaping. They should be emptied frequently, sealed inside plastic bags and tied tightly before disposing the trash.
  • Clearing customer plates as quickly as possible is also a must. A dish with food serves as an open invitation for those pesky bugs. Tables and chairs should be wiped well in between customers to limit crumbs.
  • Use sodium vapor bulbs instead of outdoor fluorescent lights as the flies are less attracted to them.

Customized plan

One of the most important things any restaurant can do for effective restaurant fly management is to call in the experts like those you’ll find at Assured Environments. A customized plan that provides the perfect solution for eradicating a fly infestation can instantly eliminate the problem and erase the threat to the reputation of the restaurant and the potential financial loss that comes with it.

Not only is the infestation eradicated, but future issues with flies are also addressed. This is much more effective then addressing the problem as it occurs. Staff can be trained on continued maintenance while other highly effective insect control systems can be put into place.

A restaurant fly management plan that works won’t let flies ruin your dream of owning a successful restaurant filled with happy customers.