Storing, managing and disposing of waste according to strict health department regulations is one of a facility manager’s most important functions as chief operator of an industrial or commercial establishment. If waste is not managed properly, contamination of the facility might occur or environmental problems could arise from inefficient waste management.

5 Tips for Improving Your Waste Management Practices

  1. All waste/trash receptacles should have air-tight, spill-proof lids on them. If applicable, use tough, industrial-grade plastic liners to prevent leakage.
  2. Try to keep waste receptacles and dumpsters indoors or under a building overhang to protect it from filling up with rainwater. It doesn’t take long for standing water to attract insects pests or encourage bacteria growth.
  3. Instruct employees to never put empty containers that previously contained hazardous materials and/or wastes in a general trash receptacle. When liquid waste does need disposed of, use kitty litter or other absorbent matter to “chunk” the waste and make it less dispersible.
  4. Increase efficiency of waste management plans by using recyclable products wrapped in minimal packaging. Separate plastics, paper and cardboard waste for recycling at your local recycling plant.
  5. High-rise buildings relying on chute-supported waste disposal systems need to have regular trash chute cleaning executed to reduce costs associated with chute waste management. Neglecting to have chutes professionally cleaned and inspected could diminish indoor air quality or create conditions within the chute that can be a major fire hazard and breed hygiene problems.

Good waste management practices are also vital to pest infestation control methods that every facility should have in place and progressing. Rodent and insect pests love nothing more than to scour larger buildings for trash tidbits to consume. Moreover, once a pest species discovers that a facility practices passive waste management methods, they will definitely return for more free meals–and probably decide to take up residence in the facility as well.

Stay on top of your waste, contact Assured Environments to schedule a chute cleaning at your facility.