Facility managers may have hundreds of employees available to them but they won’t experience the benefits of having enough workers unless their employees are consistently productive. What exactly boosts worker productivity is the subject of many organizational psychology research studies that have found these 5 “boosters” are excellent motivators and relievers of work burn-out:

1. Seventy percent of workers like snacks to be readily available to them but only about 45 percent of employers offer snacks in the office. Keeping drinks and snacks within a few feet of employees reduces time away from their desks and gives employees a much-needed energy boost at mid-morning and mid-afternoon.

2. Having first-aid supplies handy (bandages, neosporin, ibuprofen, cough lozenges) so that employees don’t need to search for them cuts down on lost productivity and is simply a good practice to follow.

3. While permitting 10 to 15 minute break times every two or three hours is mandatory in most states, allowing workers a five-minute “walk” (not smoke!) break away from their area will refresh and invigorate them by getting their blood flowing and clearing the “brain-fog” from their heads.

4. Offer individual and departmental incentives that reward employees for being proactive and productive. Compliments are good but monetary awards have proved to be an effective booster of employee productivity.

5. Offer flexible work options for employees with children or heavy home schedules. A 2103 Gallup poll found that employees working remotely part of the time tend to be more engaged in their work and log more hours online than at their facility.

6. Research shows that organized, clean workplaces not only increase productivity but also sustain productivity as well. Set up a small cabinet and stock it with glass cleaner, paper towels and fabric/air refresher. Hire a janitorial company to clean the building weekly and prevent rodent or insect infestations from occurring by having Assured Environments conduct regular inspections of the premises.

In addition to incorporating these five productivity boosters into their business, employers should also keep communication channels transparent and open to all employees by remaining consistently visible and reachable. Giving regular reviews, listening actively to employee feedback and learning to empathize with employee problems instead of assuming the worst are also proven methods for increasing employee satisfaction and productivity.