Avoiding infestations in your facility can be as simple as taking a few preventative measures. While commercial pest management is essential when it comes to killing bugs that are already infiltrating your facility, there are some simple tips to follow that can eliminate risk of pest infestation altogether. Following these pointers will ensure that your facility stays pest free and that you get the most value from pest management treatments.


  • Store leftovers in airtight containers like Tupperware so ants aren’t tempted to source out food.

  • Ensure there is no food or crumb buildup on floors and counters by cleaning them daily.

  • Vacuum regularly to eliminate pests and pest eggs in the carpets.

  • Keep up with landscaping. Trim bushes and trees where bugs can find entry into your facility.

  • Try using rock or gravel instead of mulch in your landscaping to eliminate hideouts for pests.

  • Have cracks or holes in your walls, foundation or vents sealed to keep out termites and roaches.

  • Don’t let leaky faucets go unrepaired. Stagnant water attracts a number of different types of insects.


Make sure to arm your staff with these simple tips to ensure successful pest prevention. Placing signs, sending out emails and having team meetings to discuss cleanliness and good habits for food storage are all cost free and effective ways to get the most out of your pest management efforts.

You can also speak with your commercial pest management provider about having a small lunch and learn session that will motivate your employees to educate themselves and apply key tactics for preventing infestations. Most important, initiate an accountability system for cleaning and storing food that will encourage your staff to keep up with prevention techniques.