Many homeowners install trash chutes in their home to easily dispose of trash and to eliminate the need for open trash cans in the kitchen that expel awful odors. Commercial properties, such as hotels and restaurants, often have trash chutes as well. The one problem that arises with trash chutes is that not everyone understands the need for regular cleaning of the chute. Chute cleaning is essential on a regular basis, as when chutes are neglected, they can become very hazardous.

Why Neglected Trash Chutes Are Dangerous

Those that live or work in airtight buildings are affected by the indoor air quality of that building. When trash chutes are not cleaned properly and frequently, the indoor air quality dramatically decreases and odor increases. There is excessive wear and tear on the chute as well as the compactor, grease fires are more likely to occur. In addition, it’s offering an environment for pests to thrive and flourish eventually resulting in an out-of-control pest infestation that requires the services of a NYC exterminating company, such as Assured Environments.

How Chute Cleaning Helps

When chute cleaning is performed on a regular basis, odors, bacteria, mold and other harmful toxins that linger inside the trash chute after disposal are removed, pest infestations are less likely to occur and the indoor air quality improves. Poor indoor air quality can result in dizziness, headaches and fatigue not to mention irritation of the nose, throat and eyes. When exposed to harmful air pollutants for extended period of times, long-term health problems may develop.

Cleaning Your Trash Chute Should Be Routine

Essentially, the cleaning of a trash chute, whether for a business or for a home, is routine preventative maintenance. Depending on how frequently the trash chute is used, they should be thoroughly and effectively cleaned at least once a year, although twice is generally recommended.

If your home or building has a trash chute, it is imperative to make certain that it is cleaned on a regular basis. If your trash chute has not been cleaned recently, call a chute cleaning company, such as Assured Environments in NYC, to schedule an appointment. Assured Environments NYC is also available for a variety of other services such as LEED, bird control, fly management and food safety, drain cleaning and pest control, with a specialization in bed bugs