Everyone knows that flies are gross. They made The Fly, The Fly II, and Return of the Fly for a reason. Scary, right? Horror movies are one thing, but the very real terror when it comes to flies is how quickly they reproduce. A single female fly can lay close to a thousand eggs in her short lifetime. This combined with their penchant for filth means they can overrun a commercial business quickly. A business like your restaurant. Restaurant fly control is an unavoidable step for any owner or manager wanting to avoid this type of trouble.

Making sure you get regular fly drain treatments is the first step. After that, it’s understanding how easily a fly infestation can put your patrons, business, and finances on the line. Let us show you these three reasons why we believe restaurant fly control is necessary.

You don’t want to put the health of your patrons at risk.

Flies are more well-known than just about any other species for their disease spreading capabilities. House flies, the most common pest fly in the United States, are suspected of transmitting 65 different human diseases. This is just an estimate, however. The real number could be even higher. Flies have been connected to illnesses like dysentery, typhoid fever, cholera, and polio. Poliomyelitis, yaws, leprosy, tuberculosis. Anthrax, salmonella, and more. How is this particular insect so susceptible to the bacteria that produces these diseases?

Flies are foragers, and the places they forage can get particularly nasty. Garbage cans, sewers, and carrion, to name a few. They also taste with their feet. This means that flies are constantly walking around in the grossest places the world has to offer. If a single fly lands on a single patrons plate for a single second… that’s enough time to spread the filth. This, in turn, puts them at risk.

Fly infestations lead to health code violations.

The three-word phrase that is the bane of any restaurant manager’s existence: health code violation. A health code violation can put you out of business, plain and simple. Not only that, but they can lead to extraordinary (and avoidable) fines.

Temporary closures to fix violations can be recovered from, but it’s much easier to avoid those closures in the first place. You can do this by making sure you’re actively preventing the spread of all pests in your establishment. Flies especially. Some basic steps to take to better prevent flies include rigorous cleaning schedules, locked dumpsters, and clean drains.

If word gets out that your restaurant has flies, you’ll lose customers.

These days, running a restaurant is a careful balancing act. Providing consistently delicious food is just the starting point. You also have to maintain a respectable online persona. Negative reviews or social media posts can devastate the average local restaurant.

Fly prevention and management helps you avoid this potential problem. Customers talk when they have bad experiences. These days, it’s easier for them to share those experiences more than ever – and you need to keep that in mind.


Keeping flies out of your restaurant isn’t as hard as it may seem. You’ll have to learn more about fly prevention including how to determine when it’s time for a fly drain treatment. You’ll also need to partner with a commercial pest control company you can trust. Not just to fix problems if they happen, but to help guide you toward the choices that prevent them. Assured Environments can do just that.