Much like young children, for bed bugs a favorite pastime is playing a good ol’ game of hide & seek. But unlike children who love to play with their siblings or friends, for bed bugs their usual partner are the humans  they’re trying to hide from.

You can find bed bugs anywhere there are humans and human clutter. Think mattresses, couches, upholstered chairs and dressers to snuggled behind wallpaper, wall hangings and baseboards. Bed bugs do not discriminate, either. They will play their game of hide and seek with humans in the swankiest resort hotels or the cheapest hostel on the block. Since bed bugs are attracted to blood and not dirt, they don’t care if a facility manager has cleaned every surface with Lysol and slipcovered every piece of furniture in the building. The most spic and span place can, unfortunately, be victim to a nasty bed bug infestation.

Nighttime is Playtime for Bed Bugs

A bed bug infestation almost always occurs around areas where people sleep or remain sedentary for extended periods. By hitchhiking on clothes, backpacks, inside suitcases, shoes and any other items they can cling to, bed bugs can easily find their way onto subway trains, hospitals, movie theaters, cruise ships, dorm rooms, public schools, homeless shelters and apartment buildings.

Bed bugs love to play hide and seek and bite in the dark. What better time than to emerge from their hiding spaces and feast on sleeping or sedentary people? Since they are dark-colored, they’re virtually invisible when the lights are out. In addition, their saliva contains a numbing agent that helps take the bite our of their bites. Within a few hours of drinking their fill of human blood, these little, cloak-and-dagger vampires quickly scurry back to their daytime abodes where they sleep, mature and lay eggs.

Playtime is Over!

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