There are many treatments for bed bugs but not all of them are safe for families or pets. There are some safe chemicals but they can be expensive and cause an odor. Of course, this odor is not as bad as the smell of a bed bug infestation but for those with fragrance sensitivity, the sprays may not be a valid option. The good news is that there is a form of bed bug treatment that does not require the use of chemicals and uses heat instead. So what is bed bug heat treatment?

Bed Bug Heat Treatment is the safest but has to be done in the correct manner for it to work.  If you live in a hot area simply turning off the AC in the summertime is not an effective way to get rid of bed bugs. Instead, a dry steam heat is used to kill the bugs in their hiding places in furniture, behind the baseboards and behind the wallpaper. It is important that there be the right amount of pressure from the steam because if there is too much force it only blows the bugs out of their hiding places and does not kill them.

Also, a dry steam wand is needed because this allows for the least amount of air flow but does get the steam where the bed bugs are hiding. The rule of thumb is steaming one foot of area every ten seconds to ensure complete coverage. You need to have a second unit ready so as soon as the first one is out of water for steam you can keep going without breaking stride. This requires two people. If you stop, you offer a chance for the bed bugs to move to the area that has already been steamed.

Now bed bug heat treatment may sound complicated and it can be for those who do not have the proper equipment and training.  For this reason, it is preferable to call a professional who has the experience to handle a bed bug infestation. Assured Environments has all the information you need if you find that you have a bed bug issue that you have to deal with. They also offer consultations and eradication if you would rather not do the work yourself and would prefer a professional to come in and remove the bed bugs.  Either way, you can get all the facts about bed bugs, how to get rid of them and what they do by clicking the link above.