Photo Source: Hitchcock TV

Remember the horrifying scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s classic thriller The Birds when a massive horde of crazed, killer birds attacked poor Tippi Hedron?

Of course, it’s just a movie and nothing like that could ever really happen. There’s never been a verified account of a swarm of birds descending on a town and terrorizing people. But did you know that birds can be extremely possessive, territorial and aggressive when it comes to their roosting areas, nests, eggs and chicks?

Attempting to eliminate a bird infestation by yourself is not only hazardous but may also expose you to numerous transmittable diseases and parasites living in and on pigeons, starlings, sparrows and other urban bird pests. When recurring bird problems keep the exterior of your building covered with nasty-looking droppings and nests are protruding everywhere so that it appears you are running a bird sanctuary, don’t follow instructions found in “Bird Management for Dummies”. You’ll be taking a chance on getting bitten by birds–and getting sick.

Birds will fight long and hard like soldiers defending their king’s castle when humans invade their nesting areas. Also, beware of mama birds with chicks–they’re just as protective of their babies as human moms are of their kids. If you try to remove an infestation on your own, you might find yourself getting pecked and screamed at by irate mother birds.

When they need professional bird management NYC building owners rely on Assured Environments for prompt, dependable service. Why put yourself in a position to be dive-bombed, pecked at and possibly infected with parasites or disease-causing bacteria? Let experienced NYC pest control technicians get rid of your bird infestation while you take a break, prop your feet up and watch The Birds.