Pigeons make themselves at home on a NYC building

Domesticated by humans several thousand years ago, pigeons do not fear humans or the ineffective devices we use when trying to “scare” them out of the nests they’ve built on roofs, in building crevices and under eave spouting. In fact, pigeons possess such exceptional intelligence that they probably snicker among themselves when they observe us placing silly noise-making or ultrasonic devices around their roosts. In addition, pigeons have an inherent homing instinct that takes them right back to favorite sites even if you manage to get rid of them for a few weeks.

Never underestimate the intelligence or tenacity of opportunistic pigeons. They will lay their eggs on flat surfaces if forced to, ignore ultrasonic devices because they can barely hear them and figure out how to remove wire barriers installed around favorite nesting areas. Although you might notice a reduction in your pigeon infestation after putting out one of those bird management sirens that sound like toy ambulances, they’ll be back. NYC pigeons roost quite contentedly under seven-lane bridges and even seem to enjoy the constant drone of traffic. Flags, predator decoys, balloons and flashing strobe lights won’t phase a feral pigeon that is accustomed to the incredible level of noise constantly reverberating over NYC.

In addition, regulations regarding the elimination of pigeon infestations by the NY State Department of Environmental and Conservation Law states that ” birds are entitled to protection afforded by §11-1101(1), and that this protection is also afforded to pigeons”. Also be aware that you need a hunting license before you can legally use a firearm or bow to remove pigeons from your facility.

Play it safe legally and protect your school, medical facility or commercial establishment from irreparable physical and reputational damage by hiring a professional NYC pest control company like Assured Environments. The sooner your unwanted flock of pigeons understands that they have met their match in expert pigeon-removal technicians, the sooner they will say, “We’re outta here–for good!”