Commercial Pest Control Manhattan, NY

Commercial Pest Control Manhattan

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Assured Environments is a Manhattan-based commercial pest management company that specializes in providing comprehensive, customized pest control strategies to businesses of all sizes and industries. If your business needs pest control in Manhattan, Assured is the service to contact. We’re always ready to help.

24 Hour Commercial Pest Control in Manhattan

Assured Environment’s customer service call center operates 24/7/365. No matter when you call, you will speak to an actual person who will help you schedule an appointment ASAP. We also offer 24/7/365 technical availability to help whenever you have a pest emergency.

When you call our hotline, we can dispatch our pest control experts immediately or at your earliest availability. We can and will solve your pest problem quickly and safely, no matter the size, severity, or concerns of your business. The next time you have a pest problem, give Assured a call right away!

Pest Control Solutions for Any Problem

Assured Environments offers expert control solutions for a wide variety of commercial pest problems. Whether you’re looking for an ongoing custom control program, you need immediate, generalized preventative help, or you want a one-time, specialized treatment, Assured has you covered. Some of the most common services we provide Manhattan every day include:


Trash Chute Cleaning

Left untended, garbage chutes on commercial properties quickly become breeding grounds for flies and other pests. Assured offers a garbage chute cleaning, maintenance, and pest exclusion program to all commercial clients. We’ll make sure pests can never access or breed in your garbage chute again.

Rodent Control

Rat and mice problems are all-too-common in Manhattan’s businesses. Assured’s Manhattan rodent control experts can remove the rats and mice in your complex and find the access points they used to get inside in the first place. Our rodent control program helps keep rodents out of your business for good.

Bird Control and Management

Nesting and flocking pest birds can inflict surprising amounts of property damage to commercial buildings. Assured can humanely and effectively remove nests and install deterrents to keep birds from perching or nesting anywhere on your property.

Bed Bug Removal

If you need bed bug removal in Manhattan, NY, call Assured. We utilize the most successful K9 bed bug inspection team of any commercial pest control company in the New York tri-state area. Our specially-trained dogs locate bed bug infestations 97% accuracy, and our heat treatments eliminate them completely and permanently.

Cockroach Control

Roaches are notoriously resilient. In order to remove them permanently, Assured’s experts not only eliminate the existing infestation, but also strategically restrict roach access to food, shelter, and moisture. Our team can wipe out your roach problem for good.

And More!

Whatever your Manhattan businesses’ pest problems, you can rest Assured we have the solution.

Custom Pest Management for Your Industry

Different business industries have drastically different needs and concerns and therefore require drastically different types of pest control. Assured Environments specializes in customizing our commercial pest control to suit your specific industry, concerns, and special needs. When you work with Assured, you don’t get “one size fits all” pest control; you get the pest solution to your problem. We provide services to a wide variety of industries in Manhattan, including:

Commercial Property Management

Hospitality and Lodging

Food Processing and Distribution

Educational Facilities

Office Spaces

And more!

Why Assured is the Best Commercial Pest Control for Manhattan

Assured Environments has been providing commercial pest control and management services to Manhattan businesses since 1934. Our headquarters is located right in the heart of Lower Manhattan, which means when your business needs help we’ll be there fast! As New York’s oldest, largest, and most effective commercial pest control company, we have the resources and expertise required to deal with any problem you could have.


When you choose Assured Environments for your commercial pest control, you get a rapid response, a safe, discreet, and decisive control solution, and a customized, comprehensive exclusion plan to prevent future infestations. Next time you have a pest problem, contact Assured Environments right away. We don’t just wipe out pests; we make sure they’re not a problem again. That’s the Assured Difference.


Next time you need commercial pest control you can count on in Manhattan, get in touch with Assured Environments right away! When you call us with a pest problem, you can rest Assured our experts will provide the right solution, every time. We look forward to helping your business!