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Advanced Remediation Techniques For Property Managers 

Assured has developed the customer service and communication initiative necessary to work with property managers and their tenants to reduce the cost and stress levels associated with any level of bed bug infestation. 

We offer basic to advanced remediation techniques, including heat, for different residential environments.  Although these solutions range in price and preparation (required by inhabitants of the living space), we have also developed a five-part protocol, with multiple visits, to ensure successful outcomes. This treatment modality focuses eradication on the timing of egg incubation cycles, followed by periodic inspections to avoid re-infestations. 

  • Occupants.  Residents usually face emotional, psychological and logistical issues, depending upon the degree of clutter involved.

  • Property Managers.  Property managers depend upon Assured’s program because it works effectively, time and again. Our reputation as the leader makes us able to address your budgetary concerns, and offer flexibility in addressing detection, elimination, and aftercare as separate programs.

  • Discretion.  All our vehicles are unmarked in order to safeguard the reputation of our customers.

  • Preparation.  Some preparation is required for living and sleeping quarters for multi-family apartments and homes.

  • Warranty.  Assured provides twice the usual industry warranty period.

  • Prevention.  (Extended protection programs available.) 

Getting an Advanced Remediation Treatment? Here’s a checklist of things to do first:

Note: The following applies to bedrooms, living rooms and other bed bug harborage areas that contain upholstered furniture. Be cautious of bringing used furniture and other items (e.g., plush toys won at carnivals, etc.) as they may be contaminated and accidentally reintroduce bed bugs to your home even AFTER a treatment. 

  • Carefully strip the beds and any furniture covers or blankets, placing them in a large plastic bag, then laundered (or if unable to be laundered) and placed into a drier at high temperatures for a min. of 30 min.

  • Any clothing in closets, chests, or other storage areas that include dressers, should be placed in a dryer on high heat for a min, 30 min. and then placed in a new, sealable plastic bag and stored away from the treatment area.

  • Remember to place any personal items normally stored atop furniture or upon shelves in the room(s) to be treated in plastic totes or storage boxes, keeping them in the treatment area.

  • Please arrange to have both pets and any family members or friends staying with you transferred outside your home for a min. of four hours.


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