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Complete Eradication For Residential Occupants 

For homeowners or tenants, experiencing a bed bud infestation can be a physical and psychological challenge. There are many ineffective remedies that can test one’s financial and emotional limits. Many effective treatment models require some level of participation or preparation. Navigating through these processes requires expert consultation and a trusted partner. 

For individuals experiencing bed bugs we have developed multiple solutions and options, each explained by a dedicated consultant who will walk you through the entire process. 

Our most popular solution leverages the power of  heat, the most effective tool for the complete eradication of bed bugs and their eggs. 

When exposed to temperatures above 122˚ Fahrenheit, their cells stop working and their body tissues dry up, leading to death within minutes. 

Assured has developed a single step process requiring no preparation. Our process can be completed in as little as three-four hours. We’ve also demonstrated the ability to distribute our heat technology to all kinds of residential buildings, including apartments, hi-rises, townhomes, and private homes no matter what size. 

That’s why the Assured program continues to be the best solution for residential, assisted care, and healthcare environments. 

Side Bar: Preventive Technique: Mattress Encasements 

High Quality mattress encasements can keep bed bugs away from box springs and mattresses. They also provide moisture protection, are allergy-free, and help minimize eczema and asthma because they limit the accumulation of dust mites. They are breathable, waterproof, washable hypo-allergenic, protect bedding from becoming pest harborages, and help to prevent re-infestations.


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