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king size bed bug mattress cover

King Size Bed Bug Mattress Cover

To help insure that your king size mattress and box spring are protected either before a bedbug infestation or after a bed bug treatment has been performed, a laboratory tested bed bug mattress cover is required by our firm and recommended by the National Pest Management Association.

Proactively encasing your king size mattress and box spring before a possible infestation, or after a bed bug remediation treatment will help spare you the added expense and inconvenience of again having to replace your existing mattress and box spring due to a bed bug infestation.

The king size bed bug mattress cover is the first of defense (after Pest Management takes place) for prevention of the bed bug infestation and re-infestation of the mattress and box spring.

The bed bug mattress covers are made from a soft cotton/polyester fabric blend on top and bottom combined with stretch sides of knitted polyester that will allow your mattress to breathe while still providing the protection necessary to help avoid bed bug infestations in these areas.   These covers are manufactured to specifications as an aid in the control of bed bugs for our clients, they are laminated on the inside but breathable.




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